TIFF 2021
List of Short Films

Short Film Submissions

Entry No.1

From Father to son.

From Father to Son, follows an old mob boss, named Frank Resetti. As he attempts to get his son, Tommy, ready to take his position as leader of the mob. As Frank knows that his time is coming to an end. But tommy is unwilling to take his father's place because of the resentment he holds towards his father for his mother's death.

Entry No.2

My Emotions

This project is a short summary I put together over the last 3 weeks, demonstrating some of the emotions I have felt over the last year since becoming the father of my new born son Elliot.

Entry No.3

Feel Japan, Feel my happiness

Travelling is the most enjoyable thing that makes me feel happy. As a student from the faculty of tourism, I will show you how Japan is beautiful. You just hear the sounds in the destination, and you feel my happiness. And do not forget to visit Japan after COVID-19. Japan always welcomes you, and see you in Japan.

Entry No.4

You guys don't know

The movie titled “You guys don't know” is a story about an English teacher. She teaches English but she is not confident to talk in real life. It is a satire about the present english education system. It can be depicted as a funny movie but people can also empathize towards her situation, as not everyone who teaches or studies english is confident in speaking it.


Entry No.5


This is a fan-made music video of Dvwn's song "Forever". The music video represents the thrill of love. Viewers can feel both the anxiety of one-sided love as well as the delight of successfully falling in love. I tried to depict them as normal lovers with no relation to their sexual identity. Everyone can sympathize towards this type of love regardless of their gender and sexual identities.

Entry No.6

Walking around Bunkyo

IVUSA Team Tokyo Hakusan is a volunteer club that volunteers around Bunkyo Ward, where the Toyo University Hakusan Campus is located. Volunteer activities are carried out on weekday nights and weekends, mainly focusing on "disaster prevention" and "education support for children". Last year, all volunteer activities were cancelled due to COVID-19. but so we started a “Machi aruki”, walking around the city, "to get to know more about Bunkyo Ward, where the university is located. ...

Entry No.7

Jamie's A Day In The Life

This is a short film describing a typical day in Japan for an overseas student. The film's main focus is on the actual thoughts of an international student who has had numerous adventures abroad, as well as pleasures and tragedies, and challenges, but still strives to live a healthy life. There will be some technical flaws or incomplete images because the film was made in a short amount of time with a limited budget. The film's creator hopes that viewers have an optimistic attitude on life and should continue to move forward, even if it is exhausting at times.

Entry No.8

Wearing two hats
~student and staff~

Independence and self-initiative student. It is the unique system of Toyo University. They work as a staff of Toyo University in the daytime, however they study as students at night. The founder of Toyo University, Enryo Inoue always gave the opportunity to study for anyone who does not have surplus money and time. They have succeeded to the spirit of Enryo until today and study in Toyo. This documentary film introduces three students who work in the International Affairs Office. You can take a glance at their daily life.


Entry No.9


What makes your Identity?

Your nationality?

I don’t think so.

Entry No.10

The burning fire in the water

私は幼い頃から約13年間水泳を習ってきました。ただ水の中にいることが好きでした。塩素の匂いが充満する地上の音はぼんやりとしか聞こえず、こもった音と光のせいで私だけの不思議な世界にいる気分でした。水の中で声を発してみると、自分の耳にもうまく届きません。他人にはもちろんのこと、自分自身にも届かない声の様子に、今の自分自身と重なる部分を感じました。 まだまだ歪で不十分で曖昧な自分自身であるけれど、今の私の心を動かすものや記憶をここに記録として閉じ込めました。


Entry No.11


The change of emotions throughout English learning in English Community Zone. The main character, Janaa was not confident about her English ability at first though she is really willing to and passionate to learn English. Then she found English Community Zone and got more comfortable and confident to learn and speak English. This movie shows how her emotions changed throughout English learning.

Entry No.12

The memory of Perth life


Entry No.13


This is the story about Bian Artadika that had secret that comes along with pain that had been kept for years because he thought it would be vanish eventually. He was wrong because instead of going away, his feelings, suffer, pain, and nightmares just adds up days by days. Until he realized, other than himself, he needed someone to make this whole thing completely disappear from his life. And this is the journey.



2021 Collaboration Movie