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Collaborative Movie
"It's a Small World"

A selected number of partner institutions collaborated with students from Toyo University to create an episodic short film, titled It's a Small World. The final collaborative film was screened at the premiere on December 11, 2021. 

The nominated works were screened at the premiere on December 11, 2021. The final awardee was selected via votes of the real-time participants and the judges. All the submitted works are archived on TIFF website publicly after the premiere.


One day in the life of a student

The theme of our collaborative film this year will be "One day in the life of a student."  By showcasing our unique school cultures, we can keep each other motivated for global learning experiences.  Eight universities around the world have been invited to create one collaborative movie. This collaborative project is a chance to express the value of the ultimate bond between the countries. 


Participating Institutions


TIFF 2021's
Collaborative Movie

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