Short Film Competition

Toyo International Film Festival 2021 receives open submissions on the short film

competition program. The submission for the short film competition is opened to individuals and groups of filmmakers from the Toyo university community, including its overseas partner institutions. The nominated works will be screened at the premier on December 11, 2021. The final awardee will be selected via votes of the real-time participants and the judges. All the submitted works will be archived on TIFF website publicly after the premier.




The founding year's theme, 喜怒哀楽 (kidoairaku), is a Japanese term representing the variety and abundance of human emotions. The four emotions depicted in the term are joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure. Throughout the short film, the prospective young filmmakers are asked to show one or more of the above emotions in their daily lives.



Toyo International Film Festival accepts submissions from the Toyo community and our

partner institutions. Specifically, the individual or group participants who wish to submit

their works should fall under one of the following categories:


Undergraduate and Graduate students from Toyo University


Overseas students from Toyo University's partner institutions


Faculty members and office employees related to the above institutions

More than 200 overseas institutions are partnered with Toyo University.



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Upon the submission of work, one representative of each team (either individual or group participants) will be asked to provide their personal information. The personal information that is collected from TIFF will only be used for the purpose of identity verification.

Both individual and group participants from partner institutions are required to have one supervisor who is a faculty member or an office employee. The supervisor must be affiliated with Toyo university or its partner institution(s).



The submitted works will be evaluated and screened by five aspects - Originality, Story, Music, Message, and Entertainment Value. Each of the following aspects values 10 points each, in a total of 50 points as the maximum.



Is the film unique, filled with twists and turns? Is this story a one-of-a-kind?



Does the film have a clear narrative that draws the audience's attention and is relatable to viewers?



Is the music score suited to the film and does it help tell the character's stories?



Does the film clearly depict the original message of the theme?



Does the story keep the viewer's attention? Is it fun, engaging, or thought-provoking?


The awardees will be selected on the day of premier by votes of the participants and guest judges from the nominated works. Three selected works will be awarded a trophy, together with a small token of appreciation.



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TIFF 2021 Short Film Competition

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